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02:22 pm: halloween weekend
omg i had so much fun this weekend. what i thought was going to be a bad weekend turned out to be alight. i went to debs party sat night had a lot of fun there...tho i dont remember some parts of the night...or maybe im just pretending i dont (lol deb) i was sober enought to drive to pats after the party where i waited in his driveway for 2 hours since sara didnt want to leave her party and was pats ride so he didnt get home untill two hours after he said he was gonna be there. o well i slept in my car listening to enya and enigma they relaxed me then pat showed up wearing my kitty costume and it was the funnyest thing ive ever seen hes such an ugly chick. how could some one so hot look so bad in a dress? ne way on sunday we slept most of the day till we decided to go get a puzzle and it is the hardest puzzle ive ever done in my life i may never finish. its a picture of micky made with thousands well one thousand other disney pics omg it is so hard i did one border pat had to do the other 3 cuz it gave me a head ach. then i fell asleep haha i never fall asleep w him and he always falls asleep with me so i finally made him be up all alone hehehe hes so cute i like him so much o yeah and we made apple crisp together we were going to cook diner together but we got full on buff wings and pizza so we never made our chicken o well theres always next weekend *smiles* im so happy

Current Mood: cheerfulcheerful
Current Music: im sprung
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