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10:34 pm: today was a good day. all really good days start with waking up early and i did. i got my paper done went to work studied and learned how to make pizza (i made 3 today. a too small round one a larger foot ball one and a good size almost round one) the one that looked like a foot ball was cuz i couldent get it off the spatula in the oven. o yeah and one was sorta burnt but my customers ate it ne way because i made it. i was so high on coffee today it made me get more done. so then i wen to class took a test (and passed) then went home and had a really good convo with pat. i love talking to him. and just doing stuff with him. i get along with him so easily. i had the best weekend with him and we didnt even really do that much we hung out with dan and sandy ate pizza at pizza world mmmm i missed that place then we went home and went to sleep then on sat i went to work and got all the stuff to make pizza. never made pizza but that didnt bother me im so happy im learning to tell people when they upset me cuz i dont want to let it build up so i told him i was upset he apologised and it was over we had a really good night and weekend i wouldnt have missed it for the world. im happy to be happy and im happy to be making someone else happy im happy there arnt any lies and that everything is clean. i need a fresh start.
o yeah and i ended my day talkin to michael jones!!!!! huh not a bad day

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Date:October 19th, 2005 02:02 pm (UTC)
wow... i feel...energetic now
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